After spending many years on traditional and digital advertising there was a time we felt that getting every e-mail with a “Urgent” subject or having the same revisions like making the logo bigger should not be part of our daily lives. During that time one of our friends was complaining about her baby’s sleeping problem, how they used their hair dryer to make the baby go to sleep at 3:00 AM in the morning.

The next day we were developing our first mobile app “Baby Sleep Sounds” for our fellow friend. That was the day we found our dream job with no limitations on our creative perspective, with no brief mails received at dawn mentioning the deadline was yesterday.

We have two simple tasks:
1) Build an app which will make an individual’s life easier
2) Build a game which will make an individual’s spare moments enjoyable (even in the toilet)

We just build mobile apps and games that our loved ones need or enjoy.

From now on we are the ones telling each other to make the logo bigger.